Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Social Security Checks

Even if the government does go into default, Social Security still has money in its account to pay benefits. There is no reason not to send out Social Security checks unless the government raids the SS account to pay its other bills -- like payroll to Congress or something it thinks is more important than the old and disabled, or the widows and children of deceased workers.
When the media, or the politicos tell the public that the government isn't going to send out Social Security checks, they do so in order to WAKE US UP. We are now counting down the days until the government runs out of its ability to borrow any more money.
We have not been paying attention, because we do not think we ARE the government. Well, what do we think WE THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES means? We elect these representatives, these congress people who are at loggerheads, who don't seem able to reach a compromise so that our government can pay its bills. WE do. YOU and I do. We have to light the fire under their chairs.
We have to write our congress people, sign petitions, call them on the phone, send email, tweet, however you reach your representatives. NOW IS THE TIME. Okay, I'm sorry to be be shouting. I'm a little impatient. With all of us. Especially with our so-called representatives.
We have to get to yes.

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