Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Godmother anxious about appearing in public

What with her brother being whacked just a short while ago, and things bein' so tense between the McCorkles and the Bolostreres and the di Mayos, Tomboy is naturally a little twitchy about this upcoming public appearance on January 23rd. That's why it's gonna be in a public place in the middle of the day. All out in the open like. Weapons checked at the door, everybody havin' to pay to get in. No riff raff. She'll say what's she got to say in front of everybody and that'll be that. We hope there won't be no one gets hurt, but we ain't makin' no promises. You get me? Bobby got whacked, and Paddy ain't no where to be found. Things could get ugly dependin' on what happens at this here public meetin'. Bring your own drinks and snacks. They'll be sellin' em right downstairs in the lobby. Get in cheaper if you buy one of them Festival buttons for three bucks, or free altogether if you buy a Festival pass that gets you in free to about everything for 10 days -- like a big shot. go to http://www.fertilegroundpdx.org/Passes_%26_Buttons.html and check it out. If you go to the calendar page, you can buy tix for this here event only. That's in case you're a mug who's only interest is the "family" related stuff like this one.