Friday, January 29, 2010

Dreaming of writing

I had this dream last night. A young woman actor I knew was in a film that was nearing completion, she thought it was finished, so she dove into it (don't ask -- it was a dream!) and I was watching the film, enjoying it so much, couldn't wait to see the end, when the film stuttered, and words came up, that I couldn't quite read, then we skipped a scene and she was back, exciting! The film went on, but then -- without warning -- words came up again. Sorry, no ending. We're waiting for the writer to finish the script. Yikes! my friend was stuck inside the film! I had to get to the office, talk to the writer. I drove to the building and went to the door, but it was sealed off. I ran to another door and made my way in, but everything had changed in my absence. I was directed further and further into the building. I didn't know my place any more. And where was the writer? The asshole. He was gone. Could I use his office? Maybe I could finish the script and rescue my friend. I got inside his office, I set myself up at his desk, and I thought I heard my grandson call me from downstairs "Mom?" He doesn't call me Mom. What the? I woke up. Did I really have this transparent dream? Yes, I did. Will I finish the script in time? I don't know. But obviously I have to try!