Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blue Roses

Awhile back (Gearing Up post) I wrote that I was going to do a major rewrite of Blue Roses. Then last weekend I ran into Andrew Wardenaar at JAW. He loves Blue Roses, and can't imagine why I'd want to rewrite it. He's right, of course. There's nothing wrong with the play. I have a new idea about the characters. So what I should be doing is writing a NEW PLAY. A new play with the same characters, a companion piece. [smack to the forehead].
When I wrote the Gearing Up post, I said I was going to begin by using Save the Cat, and I am. Tomorrow. This is my public commitment to begin tomorrow. Even though I am still struggling with my brain, I can begin by re-reading Save the Cat, and making notes, making note cards. The beautiful thing is: I already have my characters! As a companion piece the play can be a prequel, a sequel, or even set at the same time, in a different place. Or even the same place. Oh, this is going to be fun.
What are you doing to exercise your creativity right now? Please share.