Tuesday, January 27, 2009

technology frustration!

Last Tuesday night, those of you who listened could not hear me. Or if you leaned really really close to your computers you could hear a tiny little voice akin to that of a mosquito with my accent, but could not make out my words. After the broadcast, two listeners alerted me to the problem, I was able to alert Lillian Cauldwell, PIVTR owner and she made the recording available for free -- BUT google wouldn't allow me to post to my blog until today! So, I wasn't able to tell you unless you emailed me or called me ...

My apologies, most sincerely.

Tonight is Chapter Three, and although I warn you most sternly that the material is rated for mature audiences, in fact Chapter Three is sex and violence free. You can relax and just enjoy it, even share it with your kids if you want to.

My reading of "Copperheads and Common Women" at Portland Center Stage on Sunday went very well to a nice-sized appreciative audience. The two adolescents in the audience liked the story about the copperhead the best. Maybe when I finish the memoir, I'll read this piece for the radio.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chapter One ... were you listening?

I made it through the first Chapter, live on air. I read so fast that I finished 16 pages in about 24 minutes. If you were listening, please give me some feedback. Was I reading so fast that you lost words or meaning? Did you wish I had rated the show before I started? Should I have warned you that this was for mature audiences with sexual content and language? I actually intended to, but forgot. I also forgot to mention at the top of the show that all of the names in the memoir have been changed except those of my immediate family. I did mention these things at the end of the show. I will try to remember to mention them at the TOP of the show in future broadcasts.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's official!

Tonight's the night I begin my own show on PIVTR. I've decided to name the show Copperheads and Common Women, after the one-woman show I've just written for the stage. I'll be reading it live in person in Portland, Oregon as part of Fertile Ground: New Works Festival on January 25th. Women from my life appear both in the play and in my memoir, which I'll be reading on the radio, so it seems fitting.
I'm looking forward to getting comments from a listening audience. I'll be reading to you.