Monday, January 18, 2010

Godmother and her gangsters

What a cast! Even if you weren't dying to know what will happen in an hour's time this Saturday afternoon at Portland Center Stage in a play called "The Godmother," you have to want to see these fabulous actors in the following roles:

Tomboy McCorkle, Godmother by Jessamyn D. Rae

Corker McCorkle, her sister-in-law by Dierdre Atkinson

Billy McCorkle, her brother by Miles Thoming-Gale

Charles Uppity Jones, mobster by Shoshana Maxwell

Black Walnuts, mobster by Jerry Bell

Daniel, mobster by David Loftus

Ernie, mobster by Greg Alexander

Paddy, consigliore by Alan Hakim

Chee Chee di Mayo, crime boss by Patric Callahan

Juanita, call girl by Megan Skye Hale

Blondie, Hottentots girl by Victoria Blake

Sally, Hottentots girl by Stephanie Blair

The director is the talented, skillful and creative Andrew Wardenaar. Come and bring your peeps.