Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chapter Seven, moving right along ...

Stop! Don't move along, there's plenty to see here! Check it out. Tonight we are already in chapter seven ... we are going to end the summer of 1956, and begin 8th grade with the dreaded Mr. Sadler. We'll come back to the beginning and pass it. If you don't know, we started the book with an attempted rape of the 12-year-old Poor Little Thing, then her own decision to give up her virginity to 15 year old Ronnie. Now she's trying to live as though nothing has happened, but life isn't that simple. Rumors are flying and she has to face up to reality -- tonight! Come join me at 7pm Pacific Time at www.PIVTR.com ... log in about 5 minutes early so you are all set, because Lillian the station owner will put me on the air as soon as I call in, and I may start a couple minutes before 7. She does this to allow me to finish at a good stopping place.
It's going to be a fine evening for curling up beside your computer and listening to me read to you for 30 minutes. Let me take you back to the 50's to the life of a precocious adolescent who is foundering without boundaries in her life, but still finds joy and optimism at every turn.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Tuesday, Let's have a story!

Have you been reading other bloggers? I have. There are some terrific bloggers out there, lots of fun to read.[Stephen Fry, Fin Kennedy are two] I realize I've been writing as if no one is reading, no one is listening, and surely that isn't the case. No indeed, I have followers! So, just because you're lurking rather than commenting, don't think I don't know you're there ... how's that for double speak? In the midwestern US, we tend to speak with lots of double negatives, until we often don't know what we've just said. I'm pretty sure I just said I know you're there. I'm imagining you lurking around the corner of Blog Street, getting ready to come up to my window just about dusk, find yourself a comfy spot under the lilac bush and listen to me tell my innermost secrets into the telephone. Who am I talking to? Why it's another lurker! Actually, tonight I do have a very specific someone I'm talking to as I do my broadcast of the rest of Chapter Six and probably part of Chapter Seven ... she's a faithful listener and always has been, ever since she was born. Ever since my Mom held her up to the window at the hospital in Waynesville, Missouri in late November when I was not quite six years old, she's had to listen to my stories, and now she does it entirely of her own volition.
Saturday night I had some friends over for wine and chocolates. All three of them are terrific story tellers, so for once I was the listener. Should I tell you about the time Athos went on a blind date? Athos was dressed to the nines in a fabulous blue gabardine suit, gold watch chain and all, out on a double date with a friend and friend's date, and the blind date we'll call Diva. Well, Athos was still up and coming, this was a while back in the big city and Athos was still climbing the career ladder, so most of Athos' money went on the wardrobe. So when Diva ordered a split of champagne as her drink, Athos felt a flat wallet and choked out an order for a ginger ale. Surely Diva wouldn't order a second drink! When she did, poor Athos had to go to the bartender and run a tab (horrors!) and then went back to the table and very politely wished all the "friends" goodnight (and goodbye!). No more blind dates for my friend Athos. Fortunately, Athos met Porthos soon after, and they've been together ever since.
Theresa Rhebeck wrote a play called "Bad Dates." Have you seen or read it? It's fun to see, with about 400 pair of Mahnolo Blaniks or Jimmy Choos to be tried on during the course of the evening. What fun!
Tonight's stories will be about my Mom's fabulous evening wear, my adventures in sewing and bike-riding, a literal bug in my ear, John F. Kennedy and a real bad sunburn.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chapter Five and part of Six

I received great news yesterday: my creative nonfiction piece "Scent of Forgiveness" will be published in the next issue (May 2009) of Perception, a literary magazine. I'm thrilled, as this piece will also make its appearance in the new, longer version of my solo play "Copperheads and Common Women" when it gets a reading -- unscheduled as yet. AND, it is one of my favorite things I've ever written. I did not use my time on the radio last night to shamelessly self-promote this bit of news, so I'm doing it here.
The price for downloading mp3 versions of my broadcast sessions has gone up to $2.99, so if you're listening, your best deal is always to tune in for the live broadcast. I'm on every Tuesday evening 7 to 7:30pm Pacific Time. Last night Lillian put me on five minutes early because last week I ran five minutes late ... so, please tune in early so you don't miss anything.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chapter Four

Ran a bit long last night, what with having to stop and cough, have a drink of water, and maybe I was reading slower? I don't know, but I wouldn't stop until I finished the chapter. I wanted to get through the end, didn't want to leave you hanging: does she get punished? What happens to the poor little thing?
On a personal note, in case you're interested, I got word this morning that my play Blue Roses will be part of the Great Plains Conference Play Lab. They received over 400 plays this year, so to have mine chosen is an honor indeed. A panel of playwrights will give me feedback after the reading of the play, which of course means that I have to be in attendance. Have to ... ha, I'll be there with bells on. Honored playwrights this year include Theresa Rebeck, Constance Congdon and Mac Wellman. Also Martha Boesing who was a founder of At the Foot of the Mountain back in the day. ATFOTM performed a play I co-wrote with Kate Kasten called The Clue in the Old Birdbath. Twice. 1978 and ten years later in 1988. We'll have to catch up.
If you're listening to Poor Little Thing, I'd love to hear from you. Sandra