Saturday, July 30, 2011

At least one more time on Government Debt Ceiling issues

What I really want to call this would result in too many swear words, and I hope I have a better vocabulary than that. This country has devolved into one of a rising population below the poverty line, a shrinking middle class, and 1% who controls more than 80% of the money. And that 1% pays little to no taxes. They do not want to pay taxes. They want those of us who live below the poverty line to pay taxes, the shrinking middle class to pay taxes, those who are out of work to pay taxes. They want us to have little to no education, little to no health care, and no Social Security. No Veterans' Benefits. No Welfare. They would be happier if we would all just curl up and die, leaving any property we might own to them.
I have had it with the rich who do not produce jobs, who outsource jobs, who pay no taxes, who do no charity work, who don't believe in social welfare, or the golden rule.
I take back anything I said earlier about being willing to compromise that didn't include taxing the rich. (Did I say that? surely not.) Tax them to the gills, but certainly at least tax them in a way that doesn't include loopholes. Tax and spend! If by spend you mean: Pay our bills, why yes, Senator, that is precisely what I mean. And I note that many of the bills we have run up include a great deal of pork for your state, your home town, your county. I also note you personally have benefited from your lobbyists, your backers, your friends, your cronies. I notice that YOU have healthcare, a paycheck, a home, schools for your children. And who is that pays for those things exactly? Oh that's right: the government. Kiss my foot. And then, raise the debt ceiling!