Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Government in Default

Because I studied Economics at University, I would expect myself to be more educated on this topic. Instead, I find that I am lying awake worrying at night instead of reading up. Like others, I signed a bunch of petitions and hoped that my representatives in Congress would find a way out of this gridlock. I even refused to sign the last few haranguing President Obama on the subject of Social Security -- even though that is the majority of what I live on these days -- because I'm willing to give a little just to end this stalemate.
I am dismayed that our country has come to this, and I blame RACISM. I fear and believe that the Republicans were so shocked and outraged that we elected President Obama that they are doing everything they can to ensure his is a one term presidency. And within a very short time of his taking the reins, Democrats too began to lose patience. Apparently they thought they had elected a savior rather than a politician. And so, we failed him. Had all of us who elected him stood behind him from the outset, really backed him all the way, we would not be in this mess. But we didn't. And now he is having to try to steer his way, almost completely alone.
We will blame him for this default.
And when that happens, or whatever happens -- because what miracle could happen now to overturn these past few years? Even finding and killing Osama bin Laden didn't make much difference. Whatever happens, we will be a long time waiting for our next president of color.
So, if you are like me, worrying what will happen if our government chooses default over compromise, think about why we are making that choice. Why the two parties can't reach a compromise. Why our President is up there in his shirt sleeves mucking out the stalls all alone.