Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 11, 2010 Holiday update

Had a wonderful coffee break with a young friend today. She came with CDs of my grandchildren singing in their recital, as she was their singing teacher. They have both left her now, but both gained a great deal of self esteem and knowledge from her while in her charge. She is a remarkable young woman who was caregiver for her mother and grandmother, so we spoke of our experiences. We also discussed creative outlets, singing, music, writing. Talked about favorite relatives, had some laughs. A much-needed outing, very much enjoyed.

I still need to wrap some gifts for the mail this week, write a letter to my Mom this evening and put it in the post tomorrow with another get well card -- she's going to be in rehab for that broken hip a long time. sigh.

The car has to go into the shop tomorrow. So no Holiday Shopping for me for at least one day, maybe more. And more debt. ugh.

I hope all of you are NOT incurring debt this holiday, but are spending only the cash you can afford when it comes to gifts. We can have cheer without debt, yes?

All best,