Monday, December 13, 2010

12 days till Christmas, 8 days till Solstice

Trying to keep those spirits up! Buckets of rain not helping much. Daughter's car (which I share) broke down on Friday night -- brakes went out -- that didn't help much. I have to walk down to the auto shop now and pick it up. And pay for it. That's a chunk o'change. But part of my caregiving package: physical, emotional, financial. I'm glad I'm able to help. So many people in so much worse shape, here in Portland, all over the world. I mailed another get well card to my recovering Mom today with a letter of encouragement (get up and walk, Mom) as well as a birthday card and letter to my ex. Two people I spent a lot of years with. So, Happy Holidays everyone! Let's keep those spirits up, remember to be grateful for what we do have, not despairing for what we don't have. Cheers!