Monday, March 9, 2009

Marching on! More sex stories in the following weeks ...

Talk about a poor little thing, but look at me, I was happy. I had both parents, I had my doll Susie, and I had relative freedom. I ran around the farm, mostly unsupervised, because either my Mom trusted me to be "good" and not fall in the pond or into the cistern or pick up a copperhead snake, or else she didn't care, and I chose to believe the former. I was about 3 years old in this picture, no siblings in sight, my dad usually gone somewhere working, just me and my mom alone for weeks at a time. No electricity, no running water, no near neighbors, no near family. Kerosene stove, kerosene lamps, hot summer days and nights. Mom trying to scratch out a vegetable garden and praying for rain. A few chickens to lay eggs, no real farm or farm animals. One exciting day was when Tom the cat found a nest of baby mice in the barn. I got to see them before they were dispatched to heaven. By Mom. Or maybe they weren't. She didn't like to kill things. I'll have to ask the next time we talk. I liked to sit at the edge of the pond and watch Tom try to catch frogs. He wasn't very good at it because he didn't like to get wet. This took up a lot of both Tom's and my time.
I spent time with the 3 musketeers again yesterday, but they let me tell the stories this time, so I don't have any new ones to share with you. They were very interested to hear about the practicing for sex that I did with Sharon ... I told them they should be listening to my radio broadcasts. YOU have, right? If not, now's a good time to check out the archives at, because I know you don't want to miss the good sex stories that are in the archives.
And be sure to tune in tomorrow night!
For Women's History Month, I'll be on KBOO.FM's Stage and Studio tomorrow at 11AM Pacific Time. If you miss it, you can pick it up online after tomorrow. Dmae Roberts is an excellent host. Tomorrow she's having 5 different women reading their work. Check us out. You won't be sorry.