Friday, June 10, 2011

I support women's plays and new work in theatre.

I'm hoping you'll join me in sending money to support this new play:
Mara Lathrop is a brilliant playwright who has won awards with her work, and like all playwrights -- but especially women -- struggles to get her work produced. She has raised some money already and is currently raising more specifically to compensate the artists in this production.
I've written here before how I've irritated local theatre companies with my emails addressing the inequity of women's plays in their lineups. I won't go into that again right now. I will say that there is a recent article in the New York Times about the dearth of women's plays being produced in New York. So, even if I weren't a playwright myself, if I were just an audience member -- which I also am -- I would support women's plays. As a playwright though, I also feel compelled to support NEW work. If I don't advocate for new work and ask others to do so, how can I hope to get my own work produced? What if all we ever watched were things we know we like already?
It's beginning to seem that way in movies, isn't it? Everything is a sequel or a prequel to something we already know and love. How safe is that? Come on people! Get risky! Dare to taste something new, see something you might not like, take a chance. A movie is less than ten bucks. So you waste a couple of hours. You can actually get up out of your seat and go home and waste your time in front of the televison. Or, get this: you can read a book.
At the theater, seeing a live play you might want to wait for intermission, or in one of those new-fangled plays where you have to sit through the entire 90 minutes, you'll have to watch the whole thing -- or not! People actually do get up and walk out if they are offended or bored, you can do that. But look at it like an adventure! Be the explorer of your posse. Choose something from your local rag or online calendar that has a title or synopsis that piques your interest, call and make reservations, or buy your online tix, and show up.
Or if that's too bold, just donate a few bucks to Mara's Garden of Monsters. Please.


  1. Say it out loud, Sandra! We just finished a Delve seminar on women who've won the Pulitzer for Drama, and what really jumped out was how women writers have often pushed play structures to new heights. And when you're at the forefront, you don't always get embraced right away. Today's innovations make up tomorrow's toolkit. So best of luck to Mara! She's already got a great title, which is a very good start. :)

  2. Mead, Thank you for commenting. You have been a great supporter of women playwrights for a long time -- all playwrights, of course, but you have including women all along. I apologize for how long it took me to SEE your comment and get it published!