Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 9, 2010 Christmas Spirit update

I'm forcing myself to get into the holiday spirit. I have made plans to celebrate Winter Solstice (my favorite winter holiday) with my friend. We will light LED candles (she can't have real candles in her assisted living joint) have some sparkling cider and talk about writing and the goddess until late in the night (9pm). Last night I sang carols with my teenage grandson -- I knew the tunes, even if I didn't remember the lyrics. All those years in Sunday School ground those tunes in deep. He has never even heard most of them having been raised in non religious households and schools. He has been going caroling with his choir groups this year though and is learning some, so we did our best. Also, I have now shopped for two people. Yay! Three more to go. One is a Visa card, she knows that. One is books. What to get my son who needs everything? hm. Also, I may wrap up some of my own abundance and send it to my faraway friends who don't really need anything, but who doesn't like to get packages in the mail? Yes, I'll wrap and mail those gifts tomorrow.

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