Friday, January 22, 2010

Godmother is sure to be up all night ...

Will she be drinking? pacing? I don't know. She keeps me awake on nights like this. I can feel her anxiety about appearing in public, having people know her private life. But wait til you see her, the way she wrests her power from the atmosphere and wields it over her men. The way she charms her girls, switches from being hurt to being in charge. Tomboy McCorkle may not be someone you want to be, but you can't help admiring her strength, her courage. And Corker? What's with this one? Who is she? What does she want? What is her game? What will become of Billy? Dolla Bill. Will he sell his future to become Million Dollar Bill? What happened to Paddy? Who killed the Slapper? No wonder Tomboy isn't sleeping ... Come see her at 12:30pm tomorrow, Portland Center Stage, mezzanine level. BYOB.

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